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Visa application specialists

Looking for an immigration lawyer in Japan?

Let me explain with four typical examples

Leave it to Immigration Lawyers!

Administrative scriveners in Shiga Prefecture specializing in immigration services will provide full support for your status of residence, including preparation of application documents and application representation.

For example, at times like these

A legal status of residence (visa) is required for foreign nationals to engage in activities in Japan.

  • 京都・滋賀|滋賀県大津市の行政書士森永事務所|京都市・大津市・草津市・守山市
    I want to work in Japan

    I want to go to Japan to work. I want to work in Japan after graduating from a Japanese school.

  • 京都・滋賀|滋賀県大津市の行政書士森永事務所|京都市・大津市・草津市・守山市
    I want to hire a foreigner.

    Those who want to hire a foreigner but do not know how to follow the procedures, etc.

  • 京都・滋賀|滋賀県大津市の行政書士森永事務所|京都市・大津市・草津市・守山市
    From Status of Residence to Permanent Residence

    Foreigners who have been staying in Japan under the status of residence and wish to switch to permanent residence.

  • 京都・滋賀|滋賀県大津市の行政書士森永事務所|京都市・大津市・草津市・守山市
    I want to call my family.

    I want to invite my family in a foreign country to come and live with me in Japan!

Various visa applications

  • 京都・滋賀|滋賀県大津市の行政書士森永事務所|京都市・大津市・草津市・守山市

    Work Visa

    This visa is a residence status visa that permits work within a defined scope. Technical/Humanities/International Services and Skills (cook, construction engineer, pilot, etc.), Specified Skills (nursing care, construction, food service, etc.), Highly Specialized Work, Intra-company Transfers, Other Work-related Visas, Supervisory Group Permit, External Audit (annually), Post-entry Lecturer, etc.

  • 京都・滋賀|滋賀県大津市の行政書士森永事務所|京都市・大津市・草津市・守山市

    Spouse Visa/International Marriage

    The application for a spouse visa for an "international marriage" is more difficult than that for a marriage between Japanese nationals, due to different marriage procedures in different countries. Please feel free to contact us for a list of required documents, or to apply for recovery from an unapproved application.

  • For permanent residents

    For permanent residents

    Those who have lived in Japan for many years and spouses of Japanese or permanent residents who need support because of difficulties in gathering documents. Those who are worried about whether or not they will be granted permission due to their low annual income. Those who have self-applied but were denied permission. Those who are worried about applying for permanent residence with their family members, etc. We will support you to obtain a permanent residence permit.

  • 京都・滋賀|滋賀県大津市の行政書士森永事務所|京都市・大津市・草津市・守山市

    application for naturalization

    Applying for naturalization requires many documents and a considerable amount of time. There are many documents that need to be gathered, and I don't know how to gather them, but I want to acquire Japanese citizenship as soon as possible. I want to apply for naturalization but do not meet the requirements. I am a Korean citizen and do not have a family register. etc. We will do our best to help you obtain naturalization.

  • Short Stay Visa

    Short Stay Visa

    Visa application service for those from countries/regions such as China, Russia, the Philippines, and Vietnam that require visas for stays of 90 days or less for business purposes, tourism, visits to acquaintances and relatives, and other stays not involving remunerative activities.

  • Other Visas

    Other Visas

    If you have any questions about family residence visa, specified activity visa, permission to engage in activities other than those permitted under the status of residence, certificate of eligibility for employment, re-entry permit, special permission for residence, or visa application procedures, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to support you.

  • Business Management Visa / Company Incorporation

    Business Management Visa / Company Incorporation

    If you have any questions about family residence visa, specified activity visa, permission to engage in an activity other than that permitted under the status of residence, certificate of eligibility for employment, re-entry permit, special permission for residence, or visa application procedures, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to support you.

  • Visaのコラム

    Visa Column

    This page contains articles that I have written as part of a change of pace, ranging from some information about our firm and personal stories of our representative, to some articles that I have written just for the sake of interest. Please understand that the contents are not particularly useful.

【Visa Application】Flow of Request

  • Email Inquiries

    (1) Email Inquiries

    Please contact us using the inquiry form and you will receive an auto-response email with a link to the web form.

  • (2) WEB面談 interview 1

    (2) WEB面談 interview 1

    In the initial free WEB面談 interview, after verifying your identity, we will listen to your story, identify the status of residence you need to apply for, and specify the necessary application procedures.

  • (3) WEB面談 interview 2

    (3) WEB面談 interview 2

    We will provide you with an estimate based on the content of the WEB面談 interview1 and explain the flow of our services, so please consider whether you would like to accept the position. The interview is scheduled to last about 40 minutes.

  • ご契約

    (4) Contract

    If you are satisfied with our services, we will sign a contract with you. If you do not sign a contract, or if you would like to meet with us for further consultation, please use our support services for a fee.

  • Delivery and Settlement

    (5) Delivery and settlement of accounts

    Basically, work will begin after payment is received. After the procedure is completed, we will deliver the deliverables, provide after-sales service, and request payment if there is any balance of the fee.

List of various visa rewards

Documentation servicesRe-entry Permit Application20,000 yen/person
Application for extra-legal activity permit20,000 yen/person

permanent residence

Managers, executives and sole proprietorsThe applicant does not have a manager, director, or sole proprietor90,000 yen/person
Applicant has a manager, director, or sole proprietor110,000 yen/person
Additional charges for family members20,000 yen/person

application for naturalization

Managers, executives and sole proprietorsApplicant does not have a manager, director, or sole proprietor130,000 yen/person
Applicant has a manager, director, or sole proprietor160,000 yen/person
Additional charges for family members30,000 yen/person

work visaTechnical/Humanities/International Services100,000 yen/person
Skills (cook, construction engineer, pilot, etc.)60,000 yen/person
Specific skills (nursing care, construction, food service, etc.)100,000 yen/person
highly specialized occupation100,000 yen/person
intra-company transfer100,000 yen/person
Other work-related visas100,000 yen/person
Additional fee for applying for a Family Residence visa together with the visa20,000 yen/person

Technical intern visaObtained supervisory organization license150,000 yen/person
External auditors on board (in years)300,000 yen/person
Post-entry training instructors40,000 yen/person

College Student, Cultural Activities and Designated Activities VisaCollege Student Visa / Cultural Activities Visa100,000 yen/person
Specially Designated Activities Visa (Intern-Work Holiday)140,000 yen/person
Specially Designated Activities Visa ((medical stay and employment activity))100,000 yen/person
Additional fee for applying for a Family Residence visa together with the visa40,000 yen/person

Spouse and Permanent Resident Visa1 spouse visa100,000 yen/person
2 spouse visa150,000 yen/person
1 Permanent Resident Visa100,000 yen/person
2 Permanent Resident Visa150,000 yen/person
3 Permanent Resident Visa180,000 yen/person
1 Spouse visa and 1 Permanent Resident visa150,000 yen/person
1 Spouse visa and 2 Permanent Resident visa180,000 yen/person

Procedures to request for international marriageApplication for International Marriage + Spouse Visa120,000 yen
International Marriage Application30,000 yen
Spouse Visa Application100,000 yen
Divorce history of applicant's spouse Additional Fees for Divorced SpousesThe applicant is divorced from a Japanese national30,000 yen
Japanese spouse (permanent resident) has a history of divorce from a foreigner30,000 yen

short-stay visa30,000 yen/person

Family Resident VisaAccompanying work visa holders30,000 yen/person
Accompanying a student visa holder50,000 yen/person

【New Application】Business Management VisaBusiness Management Visa130,000 yen/person
Work visas for employees50,000 yen/person

【application for renewal】Business Management VisaBusiness Management Visa70,000 yen/person
Work visas for employees20,000 yen/person

Preparation and certification of articles of incorporationRequest15,000 yen/person

Application for Delivery of Certificate of Eligibility for LabourApplication for a new job80,000 yen
Application concerning the incumbent20,000 yen

【Visa Renewal】There are changes in circumstances such as job change, divorce, etc.50,000 yen
No change of circumstance.30,000 yen

Circumstances that make it difficult to applyOverstayed or illegally resided in the country50,000 yen
Once disallowed.50,000 yen
Criminal record.50,000 yen
I have applied for refugee status.50,000 yen

express chargeWithin 2 weeks3% value growth
Within 1 week5% value growth


【work visa】Multi-Person Discounttwo people20% discount
3 to 4 people25% discount
5 to 9 people30% discount
More than 10 people40% discount
【Application and visa renewal other than work visa】Multi-Person Discount2 people20% discount
3 to 4 people25% discount
More than 5 people30% discount


Greetings, Blog, What is Gyoseishoshi Lawyer, Hobbies, etc.


After graduating from an IT university in New Zealand, I worked for an IT company in India (Mumbai) and Japan, and was entrusted with the application of "Monozukuri subsidy". During the process of starting my own business, I realized that I was suited for a job that I could pursue thoroughly by himself, so I decided to become a professional. I thought about what I could contribute to society by making use of my "overseas experience", "IT", "mail order business experience", and "qualifications" as an administrative scrivener, and I found that it was application agency, antique dealer permit, and subsidy website production. I am happy if I can help you solve your problems by making the most of my special skills. Please feel free to contact us. We will start by listening to you carefully.

Japan Federation of Administrative Scrivener's Associations: Registration No. 22250466
Shiga Prefecture Administrative Scrivener's Association: Membership No. 1432
Immigration Lawyer Visa application specialists

Biography: Born in Kyoto, resident in Shiga, graduated from Chuo University (Economics), graduated from AIS ST HELENS (Graduate Diploma in IT NZQA Level7) * IT degree equivalent to a New Zealand university graduate, worked overseas (bridge SE in India), worked in Japan (SE and sales), and then left and started his own business. Currently, I am a Visa Immigration Lawyer in Japan.


Hobbies, special skills, etc...

●Pet: 2 miniature dachshunds ●Hobby: Tinkering with websites, meditation ●Language Skills: TOEIC 845 ●Migration: Malaysia, New New Zealand, India India ●TV Guest Appearance: Tokyo MXTV Challenge: Abstain from alcohol and eat a complete nutritional diet ●My motto: "Conquer the poison with the poison". Meaning to conquer a weakness caused by a weakness by another aspect of the weakness (strength).

What is Gyoseishoshi Lawyer?

We are an administrative scrivener office in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. Gyoseishoshi Lawyer" = "Lawyer in town" is said to be the most familiar to the people.

It is said that there are more than 10,000 services that we handle, which can be broadly classified into three categories: (1) "document preparation services" to prepare documents to be submitted to public offices, documents related to rights and obligations and proof of facts; (2) "representation of applications for permits and licenses" to make such applications on your behalf; and (3) "consultation services" to provide various types of advice.


We conduct interviews via WEB面談. Please send mail to the following address.

Office nameImmigration Lawyer Visa application specialists
Location of our office 4-1-1106 Kagamigahama, Otsu-shi, Shiga-ken 520-0012 Japan
auto answer phone050-3146-4022
business hours10:00~19:00
regular closing daySaturday, Sunday, Holidays
parking lotParking is available *Advance reservation is required.
(For customers who have signed a contract with us and have difficulty meeting on WEB面談)
Nearest StationOtsukyo Station (JR Nishi-Nihon Kosei Line) 21 min. walk
  • 京都・滋賀|滋賀県大津市の行政書士森永事務所|京都市・大津市・草津市・守山市

    in front of the office

    Our office is in a building with blue stripes next to the Otsu Self-Defense Forces in Shiga Prefecture. Please contact us in advance when you come to our office. ※Only for customers who have already signed a contract.

  • 京都・滋賀|滋賀県大津市の行政書士森永事務所|京都市・大津市・草津市・守山市

    office telephone number

    In the back you can see Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, which is the pride of Shiga Prefecture. We are located in a distant place, so we often have online meetings. Please feel free to contact us from all over Japan.



What is Gyoseishoshi Lawyer?
Gyoseishoshi Lawyers are nationally licensed under the Gyoseishoshi Law (Law No. 4 of February 22, 1951), and are engaged in the preparation of permits and licenses to be submitted to public offices, etc., and representation in the submission procedures, preparation of wills and other rights and obligations, proof of facts and contracts, representation in administrative appeal procedures, etc., for remuneration at the request of others. (Excerpt from "What is Gyoseishoshi Lawyer?)
I want to contact the Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Morinaga Office by phone.
We do not accept telephone inquiries. We only provide information on the web. Please click here to contact us.
【First time free】I want to consult over the phone instead of a WEB面談 meeting.
Since "consultation" is our business even if it is free of charge, we must confirm your identity in advance in accordance with our Code of Ethics. In order to confirm the identity of the person, the name and address of the person must match the person's name, address, ID card, and photo with the person's image. The detailed reason is described here.
I would like to make an appointment with the Morinaga Office of Administrative Scrivener for the purpose of marketing our company's products.
All information for inquiries is only available on the web. Please contact us from here.However, please be aware that we will not respond to inquiries for business purposes as they are outside our business.
What are the payment options?
Payment methods are as follows
  • Bank transfer (Shinsei Bank (financial institution code: 0397) Kyoto Branch (branch code: 730) Ordinary 0353289 Morinaga Munechika:モリナガ ムネチカ ) *If there is a transfer fee, please bear it.
  • Credit card payment (VISA, Mastercard, and American Express card payment accepted)
  • Can I pay in installments by credit card?
    You cannot make installment payments or lump-sum bonus payments.

    However, the cardholder may request the credit card company to change the payment to installment or revolving payment after the payment is made.

    Note: Whether or not the payment can be changed to installment or revolving payment after the payment is completed depends on the card issuer. The card issuer's interest rates and fees will apply to the cardholder.

    Where is your office located?
    4-1-1106 Kagamigahama, Otsu-shi, Shiga-ken 520-0012 Japan

    Otsukyo Station (JR Nishi-Nihon Kosei Line) 21 min. walk

    Is it possible to request work that is not on the menu?
    Basically, we cannot respond.

    However, since we are expanding the business that can correspond at any time, there is no description in the menu, but there is a case that the correspondence preparation is completed, so please feel free to contact us first.

    Which system of credit card payment?
    Square Inc.(Headquarters: Block, Inc., San Francisco, California, USA, CEO: Jack Dorsey, hereinafter referred to as "Square"). CEO Jack Dorsey is the famous founder of Twitter.
    Is it possible to conclude contracts electronically?
    Yes, it is possible. We use the MoneyForward Cloud Contract for all of our contracts to improve business efficiency.If you are exchanging contracts by mail, time and effort such as shipping back and forth will basically use an electronic contract.
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